Yemini Marā’ī Honey

Mara'i Honey Yemeni

Marā’ī honey is a multi-floral honey produced by bees extracting their nectars from various flowers including Sidr, Sumar and other wildflowers within the region.

Marā’ī honey, also known as the Yemeni wildflower honey, is harvested in various locations in Yemen throughout the year and has a delicate taste that varies from year to year based on what’s in bloom.

Marā’ī honey has a fresh, floral taste but thick in texture and is lighter in color. This honey is still packed with nutrients and benefits, suitable to replace your sugar-loaded table honey thanks to its much lower price. So next time when you plan to look for the cheap table honey you use for breakfast and toppings try this instead, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Strengthens the body’s immunity system.
  • Treating Anemia
  • Overcoming digestive problems
  • Treating acid reflux
  • Provides nutrition for fetuses over 4 months of pregnancy

How to Consume

  • Can be consumed everyday 1-3 spoons.
  • Can be used as a sweetener for drinks and foods, or in any way you like.

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