Yemeni Sumrah Honey

Yemeni Sumrah Honey Asl

Yagut’s Yemini Sumrah honey is a mono-floral honey produced by bees extracting their nectars from flowers of the thorny Sumar trees (Acacia) growing wildly, uncultivated in mountains and valleys of Yemen. These trees can be found in abundance in Yemen.

Yemeni Sumrah honey is harvested from many locations in Yemen, including the Hadhramout region, Tai’z and Sana’a, while ours is straight from the blessed land of Tarim. Yes, you heard that right, Tarim do not only produce saints and scholars, but high-quality honey too! In fact, it is one of the best qualities of Sumrah honey you can get hold of thanks to populous growth of Sumar trees there and its unpolluted environment, adding to the Barakah of the land of thousand saints.

Sumrah honey is packed with nutrients and is very popular amongst the local Yemenis due to despite its lower price, the nutritional properties are comparable to that of the Sidr honey.

• Strengthens the body’s immunity system.
• Strengthens the heart
• Good remedy for diabetes, as it drives away sugar in the body and replace them with its natural insulin that the body needs
• Enhance bone growth in children
• Stabilizes body temperature
• Cleanse the colon from toxins and facilitate digestion to prevent constipation
• Stimulate production of Antibody
• Helps recovery from Hepatitis
• Helps reduce joint pain
• Reduce and prevent lung infections and inflammations (when mixed with a little cinnamon)
• Prevents hair loss (when rubbed onto the scalp)

How to Consume
• A spoonful at night before bed or right after bed before consuming anything.
• Can also mix a spoonful of honey with water and let it stand overnight. Drink it the next morning right after bed before consuming any food.

Harvested manually. Exquisite luscious taste, raw and unprocessed.

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