Frankincense Luban

Yemeni Frankincense: A Treasured Resin with Rich History and Cultural Significance

Yemeni Frankincense, derived from the Boswellia tree, has deep cultural, historical, and economic significance. Renowned for its quality, it was a coveted commodity along ancient trade routes and is integral to Yemeni traditional medicine and religious practices. Efforts to sustainably manage its production aim to preserve its cultural and ecological legacy.

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On Remembrance – Imam ‘Abdullah al-Haddad

Imam Abdullah al Haddad, in a discourse with Shaykh Zubaydi, discusses the reasons behind a lack of spiritual experiences during remembrance of God. He explains the importance of purifying the heart, seeking guidance from a knowledgeable shaykh, and fulfilling necessary conditions. He also elaborates on the stages of remembrance, emphasizing the noblest stage of complete absorption in God.

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Na'al al-Sharifa Poster

Prophet Muhammad’s Sandal (Na’al Al-Nabiy)

The Prophet Muhammad’s Sandal (Na’al Al-Nabiy) poster is available in 4 colors and 3 sizes, adding bliss and serenity to your home. It’s described as a cure for illness, a symbol of security, and a source of immense blessings. Notable scholars have attested to its miraculous blessings. The Sandals are preserved in Jami’ah Ashrafiyyah, Damascus.

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Hilye / Hilya al-Sharifa Of Prophet Muhammad Poster

Hilyah al-Sharifa of Prophet Muhammad

The Al-Hilyah Al-Sharifah is a collection of descriptions of Prophet Muhammad’s qualities. It is highly revered in Islamic tradition, believed to bring blessings and protection to those who possess it. From the early Arabic sources to Ottoman Turkey, this depiction of the Prophet’s attributes holds deep spiritual significance, believed to convey blessings upon its keepers.

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Yemeni Sidr Honey

Yemeni Sidr Honey

Sidr honey, also known as Baghiyah honey, is mono-floral honey produced by bees extracting nectar exclusively from Sidr trees. These trees, found in the Middle East and especially in Yemen, are known for their various health and beauty benefits. The Yemeni Sidr honey, harvested mainly from the Hadhramout region, is highly valued for its unique taste and medicinal properties. It is harvested once a year and is praised for its scarcity and manual extraction process. Rich in nutrients, it is renowned for its numerous health benefits, making it a highly prized and sought-after product.

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Mara'i Honey

Yemeni Mara’i Honey

Yagut’s Yemeni Mara’i Honey is a multi-floral honey harvested from wildflowers in Yemen’s Hadramaut region. It offers a fresh, floral taste, packed with nutrients and benefits, making it a healthy sugar substitute. Benefits include strengthening immunity, treating anemia and digestive issues, and providing nutrition during pregnancy. It can be consumed daily and used as a sweetener for drinks and foods.

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Yemeni Honey Collection

Yagut Yemeni Honey

Yemen has always been well known to harvest one of the best honeys in the world, if not, the best! There is no debate on that. Often compared to top-grade Manuka honeys with at least Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) 10 and above, top-grade Sidr honeys or Royal Sidr honey, also known as Bughyah honey or sometimes called the ‘Liquid Gold’ is on par or even better, especially when it comes to the fine texture and luscious taste of Yemeni Sidr honey.

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