Mukhul ‘Ibādah Li Ahli al-Sulūk (Hardcover)


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A copious collection of daily and seasonal litanies, supplications, poems and various virtuous deeds adopted and practiced by the Salafus Soleh, particularly within the Ba’alawi Tariqah. Includes famous works of great scholars such as Imam ‘Abdullah Alhaddad, Habib ‘Umar bin ‘Abdurrahman Alattas, Habib Abu Bakr Sakran and his son Shaykh ‘Ali, Imam Abul Hasan Asshadhili, Shaykh Abu Bakr Bin Salim, Imam AnNawawi, Shaykh Al Akbar Ibn ‘Arabi and many others. The book also contains a compilation of supplications to be read upon completing the recitation of the al-Quran (khatam), supplications to be made at the start and end of the Islamic year, on Nisfu Sya’ban and other occasions. As the title suggests, this book is an essential of ‘Ibaadah for seekers on the path. Compiled by: Al-Habib As-Sayyid Abdullah bin Mustafa bin Hasan Alaydrus.

Title: Mukhul ‘Ibaadah  li Ahlis Suluk wa al-Iraadah
(مخ العبادة  لاهل السلوك والارادة)
Author: Al-Habib As-Sayyid Abdullah bin Mustafa bin Hasan Alaydrus
Dimension: 14.7cm x 11.6cm x 4.3cm
Pages: 888 pages (hardcover)

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