Pure Yemeni Yafe’i Grounded Arabica Coffee – Arabic Coffee


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بُن يافعية يمنية


Discover the rich and unique flavour of Yemeni Yafe’i coffee, a true gem of the Arabian Peninsula.
Our coffee is grown in the highlands of the Yafe’i region, Northeast of Aden, Yemen, where the fertile soil, the mild climate, and the ancient cultivation techniques combine to create an exceptional cup of coffee. Each bean is carefully hand-picked and sun-dried, preserving its natural aroma and taste.

With its complex flavour profile, Yemeni Yafe’i coffee offers a journey of discovery for your taste buds. You’ll experience notes of cocoa, dried fruit, and a hint of spice, with a lingering finish that will leave you craving for more.

Yemeni Yafe’i Coffee is not only a delight for your senses, it’s also a testament to the resilience and perseverance of the Yemeni people. Despite the challenges and conflicts that have plagued the country, Yemeni farmers have continued to cultivate and produce some of the world’s finest coffee, preserving a centuries-old tradition and providing a source of livelihood for their families.

By choosing Yemeni Yafe’i Coffee, you’re not only indulging in a delicious cup of coffee, you are also supporting the Yemeni coffee industry and the farmers who work hard to bring it to you.

Try Yagut’s Yemeni Yafe’i Coffee today and discover a taste like no other!


Origin: Yemen, Yafe’ (Single Origin)

Roast: Dark Roasted – 100% Coffee

Weight: 250g of grounded Arabica Coffee

Packaging: Sealed valved bag to preserve aroma and freshness.

Weight500 g


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