About Us

About Us

In the heart of the bustling city-state of Singapore, our journey has transcended borders, leading us through the captivating landscapes of the Middle East. This voyage has been nothing short of transformative, a profound exploration that has deepened our appreciation for the beauty and richness of the Islamic world. As we share our experiences and discoveries with you, it is more than a mere exchange of products; it is an invitation to partake in the cultural tapestry that weaves through the ancient traditions of Arabia.

The Islamic world, with its intricate blend of culture and faith, has cast a spell on us. It is a realm where history whispers through the winds, and every corner holds a story waiting to be told. Our mission is clear – to make these gems of the Islamic world accessible to you, transcending geographical boundaries.

Yagut, our chosen name, resonates with significance. Translating to "Ruby," it symbolizes the precious and timeless nature of the treasures we seek to offer. Just as a ruby is cherished for its rarity and allure, our curated selection reflects the distinctiveness of the Islamic heritage we hold dear.

Arabia, with its rich and ancient traditions, beckons us to delve deeper into its cultural reservoirs. Culture and faith, inseparable companions in this part of the world, are woven into the very fabric of daily life. The sweet, musky scents of frankincense, echoing through time, become a bridge connecting us to the rituals of antiquity. It is an olfactory journey that transcends physical space, bringing the ancient aromas into the modern sanctuaries of our homes.

What We Offer

Varieties of Yemeni honey including the famous Sidr honey, with its rich and buttery sweetness, carries the legacy of the Arabian landscapes. Sourced from the valleys that cradle centuries-old traditions, this nutrient-packed nectar is more than a culinary delight; it is a taste of history. As you indulge in its sweetness, envision the hands that nurtured this golden elixir, and feel the connection to a heritage that spans generations.

Adorn the walls of your home with our Islamic arts collection - created from a fusion of traditional design elements with contemporary digital mediums creates a timeless aesthetic that resonates with lovers of Islamic art across generations.

Uplift your spirits with copies of spiritual books authored by renowned Islamic scholars. These texts, carefully selected, transcend time and space, carrying the wisdom of centuries within their pages. As you immerse yourself in the words penned by these scholars, you become a part of a continuum, where knowledge flows seamlessly from one generation to the next.

Our commitment goes beyond offering products; it is a dedication to preserving and sharing the gems and heritage of Arabia. Every item in our collection is a testament to the authenticity and craftsmanship that define the region. Meticulously sourced from the valleys and mud houses, each piece embodies the spirit of Arabia, allowing you to bring a piece of this rich tapestry into your homes.

As you welcome these echoes of tradition into your living spaces, envision the journey each item has undertaken – from the ancient landscapes of Arabia to the modernity of your home. In this exchange, we hope to bridge not only distances but also time, fostering a connection that transcends the material to embrace the cultural, historical, and spiritual richness of the Islamic world.

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